Terms and Conditions

By registering as a customer on our website, and in any purchases you make, you agree in full to the below terms and conditions, and any others outlined in the purchase process. We have tried to make them as reasonable and as easy to understand as possible.

The Forge Simulation complies with the Distance and Online Selling Regulations.

Using our online shop and download service:

The Forge Simulation shop offers products by instant (availability) download.

Each product page will detail any requirements that you may need in order to use all or part of the product. Any failure on your part not to read and confirm this, ensuring that you have all of the requirements necessary, will result in the product not working correctly or at all if you do not have those requirements, and will be entirely your responsibility. As the buyer, you are responsible for ensuring that the products you buy are able to operate on your system and that you own the relevant requirements for those products.


The Forge Simulation shop accepts payment via PayPal and (other payment methods). Feel free to choose the one that meets your convenience, but be aware that you must ensure you have set up your account with your correct home address (the country in which you pay income tax, or draw a pension from, for example) in order to ensure that the correct taxes/fees (e.g. VAT) are paid for selling to your country from the United Kingdom.

Prices are displayed clearly on the product page and around the shop as necessary. Please ensure you have your account setup with your correct country in order to display the correct prices.

Once you have made an order, an itemised receipt will be emailed to the address on your account, including information regarding any taxes/fees you have paid as well as the individual item(s) purchased.

Your right to cancel:

You will be provided with download access to purchased products straight away. Because these are online products, purchased from our web shop using this service, you lose the 14 day right to cancel, as set by the Online Selling Regulations.


The download link for each product in an order will only be usable 3 times, in order to protect The Forge Simulation from attempted fraud or piracy. It is your responsibility to ensure that you save and backup your purchased products securely to prevent any loss. In the event that a product is updated, your download limit will be reset back to 3 downloads so that you may download the latest version of the product. You may contact us to receive a new download link should you reach the maximum number of downloads on a product, but we reserve the right not to provide this to you (and take any necessary further action) should we feel that there is any potential for fraudulent activity, piracy or any other illegality.

Our products may not be bought by a 3rd party commercial entity on behalf of another person. Products should be bought solely by the person intending to own them, or on their behalf as a gift or favour by another individual. Our products cannot be resold or offered as part of a subscription based service. Any individuals or entities found to be violating the above will have their access to all purchased items, and to the website, permanently revoked, and may be subject to legal action. Exceptions to certain elements of these terms and conditions may be made for raffles/competitions

We reserve the right to revoke access of any individual or entity to use a purchased product(s), the website as a whole, and any of our social media, for any reason. Normally, this would only be used in extreme circumstances, such as proven cases of lawbreaking activity (piracy, for example).

End User Licence Agreement

The Forge Simulation do not allow the development, sale or distribution of products/enhancements including (but not limited to):

  • Pirated/illegally obtained software
  • Audio enhancement packs
  • Any commercial add-ons using our assets
  • Freeware that may result in commercial gain
  • Any enhancement or add-on that is behind a paid subscription
  • Scenario packs

For those who wish to create freeware scenarios and reskins, you may continue to do so providing it is not for profit. No other modifications or distributions etc are permitted without prior agreement from us. If you wish to cooperate on something that may be part of the above list, please get in touch.