Statement regarding DB BR 50

27th October 2019

Hello everyone, this is James from The Forge writing to address the long delay with the release of the DB BR 50, since July this year.

The Forge Simulation was originally created several years ago, but due to various reasons (long and boring stuff!) we only really got started releasing content this year (2019). Thanks to Niclas joining our team, we were quickly able to release the DR 50.35 Reko and quickly found success with it. However, the infrastructure of our company (the important ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff) was not ready to support the popularity we have gained this year!

So far this year we have sold a total of almost 1000 copies of our products! We simply had not envisaged anything close to this level of success, and we are immensely grateful to all our fans and customers for this. The problem with this is that we were completely unprepared! We truly did not expect to find this level of popularity so quickly. We were trying constantly to keep making improvements as we were going, but after the release of the BR 41 Reko things became much more difficult. We managed with the release of the V10C (eventually!) but since then we became unable to work quickly enough to maintain business operations properly. The systems we were using could not be improved enough to fit our needs, and so we have had to make the decision to totally overhaul the entire operation of our business.

Because of this we have had to delay the release of the DB BR 50 to enable us to implement the necessary infrastructure (systems etc) to operate as best we can for the long term future. We created The Forge Simulation because we all have a genuine passion for railways and simulating them realistically. It will never become a full-time job, and we don’t make lots of money from it. However, we don’t live in an ideal world, so it’s simply implausible to offer everything we make for free. Therefore, we do have to operate as a business, and that means a lot of work is involved in this. We are currently implementing the last few things we need to do, with testing of these systems beginning shortly. Once this is done, it shouldn’t be very long before things are ready for us to finally release the DB BR 50. We really care about continuing to develop and release these products, and so like with our products, it’s critical that we spend the time, effort, and money on our business itself to make sure we can operate in the right way. We have already let you down on this once, and so we want to take this opportunity to make sure that when we do it now, we do it right. Failure now will also mean failure again in the future, and that will mean letting ourselves down, and letting you all down. Therefore, failure simply is not an option!

We would like to say thank you so much for indulging in our passion and sharing it with us. The DB BR 50 is our absolute best product yet, and we hope you will truly feel the passion within it when you can finally drive it yourselves. The situation that currently exists is extremely regrettable, and we wish to express that we are deeply sorry and embarrassed that it has happened this way. However, once all of the changes and improvements are made, we will be able to continue working on a brand new website which will be a much nicer experience for you, and we will have many many more releases in 2020. There are several exciting projects being developed now which we have not announced yet, and will come next year. We are really looking forward to bringing you the DB BR 50 and many other products which we hope you will really enjoy. Please don’t forget we are still also crowdfunding for the development of our GWR 4700 ‘Night Owl’ heavy freight locomotive, which is being developed slowly in the background. We are updating news on that soon, too.

By way of apology for this unfortunate delay, we will be offering the same discount for pre-orders on our next product, as well. Also, everyone who pre-orders the DB BR 50 (or has already done so) will be entered into a prize draw to win a free copy of our next product!

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to all fans and customers for your patience with this product. Thank you for not losing your hope and your faith in us. We are almost approaching the end, at last! I promise that the waiting will be worthwhile.

Best wishes to all,
James & The Forge team