GWR 4700 ‘Night Owl’ Pledge – Group 1 – Tier 3



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This is the highest tier price backing for the GWR 4700 ‘Night Owl’ project. The reward for backing this tier is 4 week early access to the finished product before it’s released. By backing now, you contribute directly to the development of the project, to help make it a reality. If you’d really like to see this DLC in Train Simulator, backing it is the best thing to help make that happen. If you can’t afford this tier, other options are available – or if you’re feeling generous and you’re passionate about these locos, you may wish to consider higher tiers that offer more rewards for a higher contribution. We’re also in the process of getting ready to add more benefits to the group 1 tiers, so you will get even more for your money.

The 4700 Pack will include:

  • Prototype No. 4700 with Standard No. 1 Boiler
  • All examples (4700-4708) with the Standard No. 7 Boiler
  • 3500 gallon and 4000 gallon tender variants
  • Clean, Intermediate and Weathered variants of all included liveries
    • GWR unlined green (with all logos/crests)
    • GWR lined green with 1925 tender insignia (4700 only)
    • BR unlined black with early crest
    • BR lined black with early crest (4702 only)
    • BR lined green with late crest
  • Standard and Advanced Driving Modes with extensive realism features
  • Engaging and prototypical scenarios based on routes they would have traversed in service such as the Riviera Line in the 50s and the Wycombe & Joint Railway

Although we are not associated with the project to recreate a living, breathing Night Owl, run by the Great Western Society, we do intend to work out a way in which we can charitably donate to their project when our own Night Owls are finished in Train Simulator.

For full details please read the project page in full before backing.

Photo by Ben Brooksbank


Please note that once you have paid to back the project, your order is not refundable. We are committed to delivering what we have promised, and it will come, but the more backing we get the more quickly we can make it happen. If we don’t get at least half of the backing, the project could take another six months to a year or more from now (end of 2019). Bear this in mind when making your decision on backing the project. However, if for any reason we become unable to deliver on this project, then you will receive a full refund.