BR 50.35 Rekolok

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Pack contents:
BR50.35 rekolok in DR and preservation era styles with simple and advanced feature sets and all new sounds
DR/DB Ks 446 flat wagon
DR/DB Gos 245 goods van
DR/DB Ommu 4 open goods wagon with coal load
2 scenarios for Munster-Bremen route by Aerosoft (sold separately)


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The first release from The Forge Simulation, in partnership with NiclasL, is the BR 50.35 Rekolok pack. With several variations of locomotives, highly advanced features, T26 and T28 tenders, an array of wagons and 2 scenarios for Aerosoft’s Munster-Bremen route, this pack is filled with value.

Contents in detail:
English and German language support
DR BR50.35 Rekolok in many variants, including preserved versions and options for embellishments on the numberplate and buffers
Gos 245 goods van with 3 levels of weathering
Ks 446 flat wagon
Ommu 44 open goods wagon with coal load
All wagons feature DB and DR liveries, as well as realistic sounds by Team Train Berlin
2 scenarios for Munster-Bremen by Aerosoft
Loco features:
Beautiful new sounds recorded by E-G Media
Advanced or simple mode – play the way you want!
Config file to customise the settings for advanced features and language – set up once, then enjoy! (see manual)
Limited sand supply (optional, advanced mode only)
Fully functioning PZB (optional, advanced mode only)
Troffimow pressure equalising valve simulation (optional, advanced mode only)
Whistle communication with other 50s (advanced mode only)
Error and fault reporting system (advanced mode only)
Damage and repair system (advanced mode only)
Cold setup of the locomotive (optional, advanced mode only)
Reverser lock (advanced mode only)
Brand new automatic fireman
Optional audiovisual fireman messages for approaching signals – the first ever talking fireman in TS!
Dynamic injectors (advanced mode only)
Dynamic gauge glass water (advanced mode only)
Working smokebox door with modelled interior
Optional embellishments for number plates and buffers



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